The roots of our company go back to Sarajevo and a young businessman/entrepreneur, Mr. Beylerbeyi Barɪştɪran.

Arriving in the central Anatolian town of Kütahya in 1913, Beylerbeyi Barɪştɪran is credited with the opening of the first permanent spice, grains and ironmonger store in what was then Ottoman Turkey.

His son, Ömer Barɪştɪran, continued the family business in İstanbul, starting his own wholesaling operation in spice trades in 1944.

Representing the third generation, Haluk Barɪştɪran, joined his father’s enterprise shortly after graduating from Nişantaşɪ School of Pharmacy in 1974.

Today, İdil Koray (née Barɪştɪran), represents the fourth generation of Barɪştɪrans to join the family business alongside her father, following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 2005—continuing in the family’s tradition of a seamless transition roughly every 30 years!

Incorporated as a private enterprise in 1984, Barıştıran A.Ş. today is one of the most respected distributors of dairy ingredients, dehydrated vegetables, spices and food ingredients to the food industry in Turkey and abroad.


From our core business in the spice trades, Barıştıran A.Ş. has continuously evolved its activities to include the importation and distribution of dairy products, dehydrated vegetables, and food additives such as emulsifiers, enhancers, sweeteners, and other products used in the food manufacturing and food service industries.

Over the last 30 years, we have also sought to form mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships with over a dozen multinational supplier companies who share our passion to continually improve on and exceed our customers’ expectations.

From our humble roots in central Turkey at the turn of the last century, Barıştıran A.Ş. today is a trusted supplier of over 100 products to our valued customers in the dairy products, cookie, cracker, cake, chocolate and non-chocolate confectionary manufacturing, catering, and a variety of other food manufacturing and service industries, assisting them with our local expertise and a global reach.

Mr. Beylerbeyi Barıştıran moves from Sarajevo to Kütahya, Turkey, and opens the first permanent spice, grains and ironmonger store.
Mr. Ömer Barıştıran, son of Beylerbeyi, moves from Kütahya to Istanbul and starts his own spice business in Eminönü.
The youngest son of Mr. Ömer Barıştıran, Mr. Haluk Barıştıran joins his father's business after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy.
Mr. Haluk Barıştıran institutionalizes its core business and found Barıştıran A.Ş. Formerly a supplier to wholesalers; Barıştıran A.Ş. begins to service the food manufacturers in Turkey directly.
Barıştıran A.Ş. begins its global reach program, establishing its first partnership as a producer's sole Agent/Distributer in Turkey.
Barıştıran A.Ş. begins to diversify its market offering to include dairy products and ingredients to its product and service portfolio.
Barıştıran A.Ş. starts to build and maintain its own warehouse system to bring its portion of supply-chain operations under firmer control.
Barıştıran A.Ş. goes through its first major reengineering effort to streamline its operations in logistics and warehousing, and initiates broader partnerships program with firms abroad.
Ms. İdil Koray, (née Barıştıran), joins the Barıştıran A.Ş., representing the fourth generation in her family to do so, following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania.
Barıştıran A.Ş. moves its headquarters to its current location on Büyükdere Caddesi-the heart of the new business district in İstanbul, Turkey.
With its broad network of supplier and producer partners domestically and abroad, Barıştıran A.Ş. aims to become one of the most significant players in Turkey's rapidly growing food industry-with its deep local expertise and global reach.